Hardwood Charcoal

Our charcoal is prepared from hardwoods such as acacia, mangroove, birchwood(Ayeen),oak, tamarine etc. We package and supply according to your request- be it BBQ (30mm-60mm), Restaurant (60mm-120mm), or Industrial. Kindly find below specification for our quality hardwood charcoal.
*Applications: BBQ/Restaurant/Industrial
*Fixed Carbon 75-85%
*Moisture Level 5% max
*Ash Contents 3.6%
*Heating Level K cal / kg 6800
*Burning Time 980 sec/cm3
*No Smoke/ No spark
*Shipping & Packing: 20 kg bags
*Container 40ft Loaded with 20-24 MT
*Wood Type: Big Trees (Oak/Mangrove/Lemon/Acacia/Birchwood)
*Quantity: 21- 500 MT/Month
*Delivery: Within 14-21 days
*Payment: CAD/LC / DP/TT
*Price: Contact us for recent price based on application/size

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