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The kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree, a genus (Cola) of trees that are native to the tropical rainforests of Africa. The caffeine-containing fruit of the tree is used as a flavoring ingredient in beverages, and is the origin of the term "cola".
Some of the most important health benefits of the kola nut include its ability to boost the metabolism, optimize digestion, increase heart rate amongst others.

*Crude Protein (N×6.25)8.06
*Ash: 2.55%
*Crude Fiber: 2.18%
*Ether Extract: 0.98%
*Caffeine: 1.58%
*Nitrogen Free Extract: 86.23%
*Nitrogen (Non Protein): 0.88%
*Minimum Order: 50 Metric Tons
*Packaging Details: As per buyer's requirement
*Supply Ability 2000 metric tons per month
*Payment Type:100% Confirmed LC at sight/BC/DP/TT

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